Use Hashtags in all the Places on Instagram if You Want Your Account to Grow

Use Hashtags in all the Places on Instagram if You Want Your Account to Grow

Most people on Instagram are familiar with the convention of using hashtags  in Instagram captions and comments. But did you know you can use Hashtags in several other locations on Instagram? If you are not maximizing your hashtags in every location, you are missing out on vital discovery opportunities!

Places hashtags can be used on Instagram include:

In your Instagram profile - This associates your account with the hashtag and may display your account in the results when someone searches for a hashtag. That's a great way to be more visible to more potential followers who are definitely interested in you! Be sure to select one or two key niche hashtags that most closely describe what your account and/or posts are about. 

In your Instagram stories - Hashtags make it possible for your stories to reach a broader audience, as your story posts may be added to a group feed highlighting local/event/topical posts. When posting hashtags on your stories, consider using 1-2 hashtags specifically related to the events you are attending, or the location you are posting from. 

In your Instagram post captions - Hashtags can be added to the caption at the time of posting, or edited into the caption at a later date. When posting hashtags in your captions, you can use up to 30 hashtags at a time. Be strategic! Try using a mix of hashtags specific to your core topic/niche and hashtags specific to your image content and/or location. It's also a good idea to aim for a mix of small, medium and large hashtags for max longevity.  Hashtags can be added into a post caption after the fact, although they may be less beneficial when added at a later date. 

In your Instagram post comments - Up to 30 hashtags can be added to a post by using them in a comment on the post.  This is a method that is preferred by some posters because it is less obvious than adding all the hashtags into the caption. It's important to note that hashtags in comments cannot be edited at a later date, only deleted. 


In Reels Captions:

Hashtags in the caption of your Reels help to get that post shown to the right audience. 

How Many Hashtags To Use in Instagram Posts/Captions: 

Instagram currently allows up to 30 hashtags per post.

There are many differing schools of thought about how many hashtags to use. Studies have been inconclusive, and don’t all agree. This is probably because the quality of the hashtags used is at least as important, if not more important than the quantity.

Some people say 6 is the magic number. Others say 9. Many say all 30, as long as you can come up with relevant, useful hashtags. 

We advise using all 30 tags allowed with your Instagram posts. Why not take advantage of every opportunity for engagement and discovery?  Not taking the opportunity to use all the hashtags at your disposal is like leaving money on the table.

The key to using hashtags for growth and discovery is that none of the tags be used gratuitously. Every hashtag should be there for a reason.

Note: On Instagram Stories, hashtags should be used more sparingly. Less is more in stories. Tagging for location and event seem to produce the best results currently as Instagram curates posts geographically and by popular topics to create well viewed group stories.  Hashtags should also be used judiciously on your profile page.