Instagram Content That Converts EBook

Instagram Content That Converts EBook


Have you ever wondered why some accounts on Instagram seem to flourish, but others flop? And what does success on Instagram really mean? Beyond the likes, comments and all the hype about Influencers... where's the ROI?

Instagram success in 2020 is not about superficial engagement. It is about delivering the right content, to the right community of people who genuinely connect with that content. 

And, having made that connection… driving them home to your site, store or mailing list. 

  • In this Ebook you will learn: 
  • The 4 C's of Conversion
  • How to Create "High Value" Content That Connects With Your Followers
  • How to Grow an Engaged Community from Scratch
  • How to Make Friends with The Instagram Algorithm
  • How to Fine Tune Your Strategy by Reading Insights Like a Pro

This book is for any brand, influencer or small business owner who is ready to leverage Instagram to drive traffic, leads, and sales to their business.