About Hashtaglists

Does your social make you feel seen and appreciated? Is finding your tribe a natural and easy process? It should be!
We created Hashtaglists as a healthy way to help people organically grow their social media accounts.
Hashtaglists started out as an experiment and a passion project for our founders. After years spent collecting and analyzing social media campaign data for thousands of companies, they found they still didn't have an answer to the question people asked them most frequently:
"Can you tell me the BEST hashtags to use?"
Not wanting to reinvent the wheel, they looked around for an intelligent hashtag recommendation tool. The most basic tools found "related" hashtags by word recognition. So a search for #dog related hashtags would find #doglife #dogdays #dogged etc. All of the recommended hashtags had one thing in common… the word dog in them. These basic tools recommended those hashtags, whether or not they were actually about dogs! Forget about finding all the more nuanced hashtags about specific dog breeds, or hashtags with words like hound or pup, and all the many related pet hashtags dedicated dog owners use and follow. #Wetnose anyone?
Most of the tools they found also used outdated volume data to discern the most “popular” tags and made recommendations based on that popularity. The problem with this method is that the data is often out of sync with current usage - making any recommendations meaningless. Hashtags that were very popular five years ago, are not necessarily popular today. Furthermore, using popular hashtags isn't always a good idea if you are looking to get attention. It's a lot harder to stand out in a crowded market. None of the tools that they tried factored in current engagement.
It quickly became evident that they needed to build their own tool.
With millions of hashtags in circulation each day, on multiple platforms, the task was too Herculean for any human to undertake alone. It would require sophisticated, dedicated artificial intelligence to find the best, most engaged, current hashtags for any given topic.
It took over a year to map out Hashtaglists' initial set of topics, and many iterations to train the AI to find the best hashtags for each particular niche. Our library continues to grow. We add new topics all the time and love to hear suggestions from our members.
The result of all that hard work, is a highly curated and up-to-the-moment collection of hashtag lists, covering thousands of topics. Some of our lists are general, but others are highly specific. You'll see those nuances when you look at the differences in results for similar topic lists such as female travel, adventure travel and family travel. Each list has very niche specific tags that reflect the topic and community accurately. And each list changes and fluctuates over time. You won't find the same results on your March lists that you saw in January.
Hashtaglists lists are different from any other lists you will find on the web. Our hashtags are carefully considered and rated for topicality, engagement, visibility and volume. We filter out banned tags and unearth the gems that lead you directly to the community you are trying to connect with